ARO midwinter meeting 2014

A fun and productive time was had in gorgeous & sunny San Diego.


I took many pictures of scenic parts of the city, but managed to get almost none of the scientists. With this exception:


A blurry selfie in the “no photography” zone of the poster-session.

Amherst College Visit

I had a great time visiting Amherst College this week. Here’s a photo of me and my gracious host Joe Trapani in his lab’s fish facility.

You can learn more about Joe’s research here.

Care and Feeding of Zebrafish Babies on a Dry Diet


photo credit

The gold standard for zebrafish fry food is Paramecium.

But Paramecia culture are time consuming to maintain. So, if you’re an extremely small lab (like myself), Paramecia are not a very practical option.

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Ribbon Synapses Symposium 2013, Göttingen Germany


Here are a few highlights from post-meeting evenings out in Göttingen.

Gänseliesel—the most kissed girl in the world!


Three of my favs: Albena, sushi, and dunkelweizen.


Dinner with lovely Iliana. I seem very perplexed by my fork.


Hi! My name is Lavinia. I'm the Amelia Peabody Fellow at Eaton-Peabody Laboratories, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

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